Swiss Toniq Geneva

A UNIQUE & NOVEL CONCEPT FOR MATURE SKIN… Award-winning concentrated Natural Organic Skincare Cosmetics Product manufacturer in Switzerland. We create our products from uncooked, unmodified ancient medicinal plants that are clinically proven, some of these plants have survived millions of years, and then we combine these with globally award-winning anti-ageing actives to produce the world’s most unique, clean and effective Organic Skincare Products. • A Unique and Novel Concept for Mature Skin. • Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Eco Friendly. • Hand-made with Love in Switzerland. Our ingredients have not been cooked, bleached or modified, so they retain up to 80% more of the valuable nutrients and enzymes needed to fight ageing and protect the skin. AWARD-WINNING AND SWISS MADE – for dry, sensitive or tired-looking mature skin. Swiss Toniq has been awarded BEST BOTANICAL SKINCARE EUROPE, BEST ORGANIC ANTI AGE SERUM EUROPE and BEST SKINCARE SWITZERLAND. Swiss Tonic’s Natural Skincare Products are pure skin superfoods, ideal for the more mature skin that needs that extra help. Did you know over 60% of what’s applied to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, be it natural or toxic, so choosing safe Natural Organic Cosmetics products is more important than ever? Our powerful Natural Organic Skincare Products are highly concentrated, contain zero bulking fillers, and zero synthetic chemicals and regenerate cells deep down, offering long-term, lasting results. Swiss Toniq- Organic skincare Products are vegan, contain no nasties whatsoever, are cruelty-free, and come in plastic-free packaging. Kind enough for even the most sensitive, irritated or allergic skin and kind to the planet. _________________________ Swiss Skincare, Best Swiss Skincare, Swiss Made Skincare, Organic Skincare, Natural Skincare, Organic Skincare Products, Anti-Ageing Skincare, Organic Cosmetics, Swiss Organic Cosmetics, Swiss Cosmetics, Best Swiss Cosmetic Brand, Best Organic Cosmetics,

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Swiss Toniq Geneva

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